The world fascinates me...

Anna Louise Andersen is another international artist on the Asylum roster. From her studio in Hamar Norway, Anna’s eye is always set way beyond her borders drawing her inspiration from wherever she can find it. This is evident in her work, where popular culture and fine art come together to create something completely original.

Anna’s work is steeped in the urban art tradition and she is one of the few female trailblazers making her presence felt in what is often a male dominated genre.

Anna’s work is at times serious and other times its humorous and playful but always beautifully executed, using all mediums to convey her message every piece of work is as unique as a fingerprint.

Anna’s work is however not limited to canvas, her sculptural pieces are a three dimensional vision of her 2d work, utilizing, plaster, clay and concrete to make flesh the visions in her head, whether a small sculpture or large installation.

Anna’s latest body of work combines exquisite painting techniques and sculptural forms to create work that is really rather special.

“My everlasting love of street art, pop art and modern art took me to a mixed creative style combining many techniques in an urban direction. I am mainly influenced by today’s society (among other things). My work displays both serious and humorous undertones".

As Andy Warhol said “The world fascinates me!”

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