Asylum Artist Management is a new and exciting venture in the visual arts industry.

It has been born out of the experience of its founders as a means to address the imbalance between new and emerging artists and the established art community.

More often than not new and often mid-career artists find themselves struggling to find a platform for their work which puts them at the forefront of their endeavours. Galleries have traditionally been able to dictate terms (often onerous) to any prospective artists, many of whom are desperate for gallery representation as a means to increasing the audience reach of their work. At Asylum Artist Management we believe that our collective experience in the art world will enable us to get our artists’ work to a much wider audience and secure very favourable deals for our clients, be that an artist, or someone looking to purchase art form our artists or work we will have sourced elsewhere.

Our ethos is “the artist first and foremost”, and we will endeavour to bring an artist on and guide them through their career ensuring progression, longevity and growth in what is often a fickle industry that ebbs and flows with the tide of fashion.


The world of art is a fantastic, engaging, frustrating and often crazy industry where a piece of paper with some ink on it can sell for the cost of a house or more, and newcomers to the industry can find it bewildering, complicated and highly competitive. We decided on the name ‘Asylum’ as a tongue in cheek tip of the hat to the ‘madness’ of the industry. We see ourselves educating and nurturing our artists through the ‘asylum’ and releasing them into the real world as a full rounded competent and prospering individual.



The old gallery and auction house model of business within the arts is slowly changing and failure to foresee and embrace these changes can often be at the detriment of the artist. Social media has allowed artists to market themselves in ways that was not available even a decade ago and this revolution will only grow. We don’t want our artists to be known in the art world, we want them to be known in the whole world like rock stars; we want to make our artists household names.

We will take care of arranging their business interests, negotiating fees with galleries on their behalf, negotiating contracts on their behalf, engaging in social media and PR campaigns on their behalf, in short we aim to ensure that our artists have only one concern and that’s creating art.

We intend to have our artists’ work displayed  across the broadest of markets both domestic and international, with a mixture of gallery shows within our sister gallery and third party galleries, through placement in corporate headquarters, long standing international art collections, foundations, hotels, museums private and public institutions, corporate clients ( Banks’ Investment Funds ) as well as entered into open call exhibitions and competitions as a means of enticing peer and industry recognition.

We aim to take a holistic approach with each artist we sign.  Not every artist will suit every gallery or collection and we have the expertise and connections to ensure that each artist gets the service tailor-made to suit their individual style. 

This type of bespoke approach is rare in the industry, especially for those who are at the beginning of their careers. We aim to redress that balance.



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